hackworth :

About us

Hackworth Ltd is a well-financed, bootstrapped, private limited company based in London, United Kingdom. We're exploring ways to make programming more interesting to more children. We're also taking a novel approach to designing teaching languages and tools, incorporating what the programming community have learned about their craft over the last decade, so that children who're using our tools will be prepared for the computing tasks of the decades ahead.

Our commitment

We're building a sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible business. We don't rely on outside investment, so we don't face any pressure from third parties whose values aren't aligned with ours.

Hackworth exists to serve children and schools. Serving these customers comes with significant responsibilities, and therefore we make the following pledges:

  1. We will never subsidize our products using advertising.
  2. We will never sell our customers' data.
  3. We will never intentionally exploit compulsion loops in our products in order to monetize them ("loot boxes," micro-transactions, etc.).
  4. We will not use cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to fund our company.

Our products will only succeed if they provide actual value to our customers, through meaningful learning experiences and compelling storytelling.